About Us


The Institute of Law and Human Rights (hereinafter the Institute), formerly was part of the structure of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (hereinafter ANAS) and currently functions under the public legal entity “Center for Legal Expertise and Legislative Initiatives” (hereinafter the Center).


Based on the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated May 19, 2022, the Center was established to implement legal reforms in various fields of law and enhance quality of lawmaking considering international practices. The Institute was reorganized and subordinated to the Center after the establishment of the latter.


The Charter of the Institute was registered by the Ministry of Justice according to the protocol of the Center dated July 25-26, 2022.


The Institute was established on November 30, 1998, as the "Research Institute on Human Rights" based on the Decree of National leader Heydar Aliyev.


Based on the Decree No. 2069 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated of May 26, 2016, the name of the Research Institute on Human Rights of ANAS was changed to the Institute of Law and Human Rights. In accordance with the Order, by the Decision No. 277 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 18, 2016, the legal departments of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of ANAS were abolished and included in the structure of the Institute of Law and Human Rights.


What we do (Fields of activity)


·     Organizing fundamental and applied scientific research, experimental research and preparation of scientific and practical recommendations on various areas of law, including human rights and freedoms;

·        Providing scientific and practical support to the activity of the Center;

·        Acting in the field of legal awareness;

·        Participating in the development and improvement of legislation;

·        Participating in the assessment of the impact of normative legal regulation;

·        Participating in the development of knowledge, skills and competence of employees of state bodies (institutions);

·        Participating in the formation of social and political opinion and legal awareness in the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Rights and Duties:


·     To conduct legal analysis of the normative juridical acts in force in order to eliminate the gaps, collisions and abuse factors, in the normative legal acts and improve the legislation;

·        To conduct a comparative study of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and foreign countries;

·   To give feedback, opinions, and suggestions on activity fields of the Institute, to conduct analysis and generalizations, to prepare analytical materials and scientific-practical commentaries.