Department of Legal Support and Human Resources

To ensure the preparation and examination of legal documents related to the activity of the Institute; To ensure the protection of legal and legislative interests of the Institute; To ensure organization and improvement of human resources activities and regulation of labor relations;

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext.116)

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Finance Department

To ensure the management of budgetary and non-budgetary funds allocated to the Institute in accordance with the requirements of the legislation; To ensure the provision of tax reporting to the tax bodies as it is prescribed by legislation; To submit reports on mandatory state social insurance to the relevant bodies as it is prescribed by legislation;

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext.130)

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Department of Legal Studies

To carry out fundamental and applied scientific researches in particular areas of Law, including human rights and freedoms, and to prepare scientific and practical recommendations; To participate in the development and improvement of legislation; To participate in the assessment of the impact of normative legal regulation;

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext.204)

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Human Rights Training and Expertise Department

Organizes events to analyze the decisions of international non-governmental organizations regarding Azerbaijan in the field of human rights protection; Organizes and conducts training on human rights for law students; Helps graduate lawyers to acquire practical skills on the basis of an internship; Organizes distance trainings in the field of human rights using modern digital technological solutions.

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext .207)

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Communications and International Relations Department

Establishment and development of cooperation with relevant institutions of international organizations and foreign countries; Establishment and development relationships with international, foreign and domestic media; Regulation of activities in the field of social media; Creation and regulation of fundraising service; Regulation of event organization activities.

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext.133)

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Document Management Department

Maintains HR records; Carries out office administration work; Regulates work in the field of receiving and considering citizens' appeals; Supervises labor discipline; Organizes archival activities;

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext .119)

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Department of Information Technology

Ensures the creation and improvement of a single computer network of the institute, information and software; Regulates the activities of the official website of the Institute, e-mail addresses, adapts the software to the requirements of international standards; Carries out activities related to ensuring information security; Carries out its activities in other areas defined by legislation

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext. 134)

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Editorial and Publishing Department

Establishes its activities in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Publishing”; Provides organizational, creative, production and economic activities with legal entities and individuals involved in the preparation, production and distribution of printed materials; Makes abbreviations and corrections in translations and author's texts following the copyright protection rules;

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext.114)

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Procurement and Supplies Department

Controls the purchase, supply and use of goods (works, services) necessary for the activities of the Institute within the powers established by the Charter; Organizes the protection of the administrative building of the Institute; Performs maintenance and cleaning work; Controls the provision of labor protection; Carries out its activities in other areas defined by legislation.

(012) 537-20-73/76 (ext.125)

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