Our Activity

Our activities:

    ·     Organizing fundamental and applied scientific research, experimental research, and preparation of scientific and practical recommendations on various areas of law, including human rights and freedoms;

    ·      Providing scientific and practical support to the activity of the Center for Legal Expertise and Legislative Initiatives;

    ·      Making activities in the field of raising legal awareness and public legal education;

    ·      Participating in the development and improvement of legislation;

    ·      Participating in the assessment of the impact of normative legal regulation;

    ·      Participating in the development of knowledge, skills, and competence of employees of state bodies (institutions);

    ·      Participating in forming social and political opinion and legal awareness in the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Initiatives and achievements of the Institute:

    ·     Implementation of public awareness activities about law and human rights through events and trainings;

    ·      Creation of a Virtual Library containing the works of Azerbaijani scholars in the field of Law and Human Rights;

    ·      Raising awareness in law enforcement agencies operating in the field of protection of human rights and freedoms;

    ·      Creation of "Digital human rights resource map" containing information about institutions providing services in the field of human rights protection in 74 cities (districts) of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

    ·      Creation of a unified electronic search database of legal journals specializing in law and human rights in Azerbaijan;

    ·      Creation of an explanatory E-Dictionary of human rights terms;

    ·      Creation of a unified database of legal scholars and researchers.