A meeting was held with the employees of the Institute of Law and Human Rights

Today, Samir Mahmudov, executive director of the Center for Legal Expertise and Legislative Initiatives established by the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, introduced the newly appointed head of the Institute of Law and Human Rights. The Chairman of the Board of the Institute, Mahammad Guluzade, greeted the team, acquainted the employees with the directions mentioned in the Charter of the newly created organization and clarified the upcoming plans and innovations.
Since the Institute has the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial activity as a public legal entity, its participation in international projects and cooperation with international organizations in this regard are included in its future plans.
The team got acquainted with the management and the proposed structure. Then the results of the survey, in which employees took an active participation, were discussed. The majority of votes emphasized that there is a need to increase wages, organize language courses and hold various events at the institute.
For the effective functioning of the institute in the future, the management gave recommendations and tasks to employees. The importance of replenishing the library, holding various events with the participation of foreign experts and studying the experience of international institutions were specifically emphasized during a meeting.

Published : 12-10-2022

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