The Institute conducted training named “Human rights in everyday life” and “Insult and defamation in the social media”

On November 2, trainers-experts of the Institute of Law and Human Rights held training at Baku State Vocational Education Center for Public Catering and Service. 25 students of the Education Center participated in the training on “Human rights in everyday life” and “Insult and defamation in the social media”. 

At the training, conducted by the head of Human Rights and Expertise department, Vusala Muradkhanli and the trainer-expert of the same department, Heydar Aliyev, students were also informed about their other rights (Articles 89 and 90 of Criminal Code of AR), including methods of protection from disrespectful and cruel treatment and exploitation.

Participants discussed such topics as rights and freedoms of children, their responsibility, procedural actions they should take when responsibility arises, concluding an employment contract with minors, as well as developing the knowledge of free expression of opinion, giving an opinion about private life, and joining public organizations.

Trainers concluded the event with speeches on the responsibilities of a person using the Internet, fake profiles on social networks, social media identity, as well as issues of honesty in the media.

Published : 2023-11-02 09:23:00
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