The head of our Institute Mahammad Guluzade was selected as a member of Judicial-Legal Council

Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Law and Human Rights, Mahammad Guluzade, was selected as a member of the Judicial-Legal Council.

Judicial-Legal Council is the body, which ensures (within its competence) organization  of the court system; arranges selection of candidates who are not judges (hereafter candidates to the judicial post) to the vacant judicial posts; evaluates the activity of judges; decides on the issues of transfer of judges to different judicial post, their promotion, calling judges to disciplinary liability, as well as, other issues related to courts and judges, and implements self-governance functions of the judiciary.

To get acquainted with the full composition of the Judicial-Legal Council tap to the link below:

Published : 2023-06-23 12:27:00
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