Trainings in the field of human rights were discussed at the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice

On February 15th, 2024, Deputy Minister of Justice - Chief of the Penitentiary Service Major General Mirsaleh Seyidov held a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Law and Human Rights public legal entity Mahammad Guluzade and the employees of the Institute.

The issues of raising awareness and increasing legal education of penitentiary service employees, organizing and conducting training for them, protecting the rights of convicted and arrested persons, providing them with legal assistance, as well as enriching the libraries of penitentiary institutions with legal literature, were discussed at the meeting.

Greeting the guests deputy minister gave them detailed information about the reforms and innovations in the field of penitentiary. He mentioned that forming the professional staff of the Service within the framework of the reforms, hiring trained personnel, increasing the knowledge and skills of employees, physical and combat training, studying the international and local legislative framework, and promptly applying innovations in this field are among the priority issues.

Pointing out that every proposal is valuable in improving the professionalism of Penitentiary Service employees in the direction of ensuring the rights and freedoms of convicted and arrested persons, M. Seyidov expressed his gratitude to the Institute of Law and Human Rights for the initiatives of conducting trainings for Service employees. During the discussions, the guests were given extensive information about the “ƏNTEZ” service platform, which provides various justice services simultaneously to citizens at a distance with the application of artificial intelligence.

Chairman of the Board of the Institute, Mahammad Guluzade expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome. He presented the details of the activities and achievements of the Institute in 2023. M. Guluzade spoke about the awareness raising trainings organized by the trainers-experts of the Institute for the protection of human rights for employees of state institutions and law enforcement agencies, representatives of local executive power, including women and juveniles in prisons.

Later, an exchange of opinions and discussions took place around this issue.

Published : 2024-02-15 18:02:00
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