The delegation from Uzbekistan visits the Institute of Law and Human Rights

On January 25, Mr. Mahammad Guluzade, Chair of the Board of the Institute, met with the members of the visiting delegation headed by Mr. Akmal Saidov, First Vice-Chair of the Supreme Legislative Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Director of the National Human Rights Centre.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Bahrom Ashrafkhanov also attended the meeting.

While welcoming the guests, Mr. Mahammad Guluzade provided comprehensive information about the Institute's activities. Speaking about the awareness-raising activities undertaken by the Institute within the sphere of human rights, the Chair of the Board emphasized that last year, a series of training sessions focused on judgments handed down by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) against Azerbaijan was organized for employees of local executive authorities and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The participants included judicial officials, alongside lawyers and legal professionals. He mentioned that the Institute operates the 'Virtual Law and Human Rights Library'; moreover, an 'offline' version of the library has been established at the Women’s Correctional Facility, and it is in significant demand among users due to its provision of legal resources.

Acknowledging the cordial meeting, Mr. Akmal Saidov, First Vice-Chair of Uzbekistan's Supreme Legislative Chamber, conveyed gratitude and highlighted that the Supreme Legislative Chamber meticulously reviews all human rights reports submitted to international organizations on behalf of Uzbekistan. Highlighting the presence of a counterpart institution in Uzbekistan, namely the National Human Rights Centre, which operates similarly to the Institute of Law and Human Rights and conducts crucial initiatives for public awareness, he stressed that the prospective bilateral co-operation agreement with the Institute would be highly and mutually beneficial. Concurrently, he stated that the implementation of several significant practices carried out by the Institute in the scope of human rights in Uzbekistan could bear considerable importance. Mr. Akmal Saidov reported on the forthcoming opening of the 'Human Rights House' in Uzbekistan.

At the close of the meeting, Mr. Mahammad Guluzade, Chair of the Board of the Institute, presented the Uzbekistan delegation with valuable books related to the fields of law, international law, and the history of Azerbaijani cultural monuments, which are the products of Institute researchers’ scientific work.

Published : 2024-01-26 11:48:00
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